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Billie Ray Martin - Episode 050

Billie Ray Martin born in Hamburg from a working-class family, from the young age of two Billie had already started to begin singing. Growing up in an area of Berlin, Billie’s mother worked as a bartender and met The Beatles at the bar she was working and was living the red-light district music lifestyle. At age 5 she knew she would be famous. Billie was destined for London, listen to her interview on how the night club scene grew whilst she was in the UK with the new sound of House Music. Billie Ray Martins vocals can be hard on releases from Mark Moore’s S- Express and also, she was the lead vocalist for Electribe 101. Electribe 101 toured around Europe supporting Depeche Mode after the album was released. She will share her experience on the hostility they faced as an opening band for Depeche Mode.

Ultra Naté - Episode 049

Ultra Naté – ultra savvy. Hear Ultra’s take on the covid pandemic from a medical perspective- probably the best outlook on such a troublesome time which has severely impacted the music industry and arts. Ultra Naté lays out how she has evolved to keep in tune with how the future land lies. Hear about the pitfalls of signing contracts in the music industry and how Ultra has ‘fallen up’ from those times. She shares with us her beginnings from a club kid to singer and locking her first contract down to becoming a superstar in dance music from the late 80’s into the 1990’s

Cerrone - Episode 048

On this episode of True House Stories we are joined by legendary French Drummer, Producer, DJ Marc Cerrone. Cerrone shares with us his humble beginnings with the start of receiving his first drum set from his mother to working with his first group in the early part of the 1970’s called The Kongas. He also gives us the inside story of how he made his drums be the most important part of the recording and working on the songs such as “Love In C Minor”, “Give Me Love” and “Supernature” and how they became a big part of the American Dance Music culture. Cerrone explains how important the role of the arranger was especially with his songs and the role Don Ray played in the Cerrone sound.

Linda Clifford - Episode 047

Linda Clifford is an American R&B, disco and house music singer and actress, who scored hits from the 1970s to the 1980s, most notably “If My Friends Could See Me Now”, “Bridge over Troubled Water”, “Runaway Love” and “Red Light”. In this segment she shares with us growing up in Park Slope Brooklyn New York, and all her beginnings with finding music and making her way through grade school and then onto the stage. Listen to how she begins her life on the road gigging starting in the Catskills New York and crossing the county finally ending up in Chicago meeting the man of her dreams at the famous Playboy Club in town.

Hippie Torrales - Episode 046

We are joined by the legendary London UK Dj Frankie Foncett. His Caribbean roots come from the island of Trinidad. His start in music was in the 1970s being introduced to groups such as Commanded, James Brown and the JB’s, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. His cousin Tony had a huge hand in helping Frankie learn about disco, bringing mix tapes back from New York City Radio Station, Disco 92 WKTU with DJ Ted Currier in the mix…

Michael Procter (RIP) - Episode 045

DJ Bruce Forest who was destined to work in medicine winds up quitting and pushes forward to work in the music industry. He was always one step ahead of the game and became the resident DJ at The Better Days Disco replacing the legendary DJ Tee Scott. He shares with us in this part his beginnings of playing music in the late 1970’s in Syracuse New York learning the craft and shaping his skills at the club in town…

Hippie Torrales - Episode 044

Hippie Torrales joins True House Stories to share with us the behind the scenes of making his way into the dj world. He starts from buying a Marvin Gaye Record and from there makes his way through grade and middle school and becomes in charge of the audio and video projectors. The journey starts with him being able to go to his first disco in Newark back in the early 1970’s and the quest begins to learn how to play records from…

Michael Procter (RIP) - Special Episode 042

We celebrate the life of one of the most recognizable voices in soulful house music, Michael Procter. Babou who runs her group page called Babou’s House shares her life experience with him as the entertainer, the father of their daughter and his best friend. She was also responsible for his management. Babou shares this special interview with Dj Spen, Tony Carassco, and Keith Kemper…

Richard Earnshaw - Episode 043

This first part listen to the producer remixer dj and owner of Duffnote Records Richard Earnshaw talk about his humble beginnings from Piano instruction to getting his first production signed. He also shares his life at the present moment dealing with covid and the struggle of trying to keep everything together. He shares with us his first keyboards and key production tips. A very well in-depth interview by one of the UK’s most sought after producers in the soulful music genre…

Alex Lowes - Episode 042

One of the most sought out promoters in soul and dance music steps into the hot seat. Alex Lowes who used to be in his former life a crisis events planner for the council in the town he lived found soul music as his savior. Coming from the Northern Soul Scene and a huge supporter of The Wiggan and Blackpool Events found playing music as a DJ his saving grace. He talks about how he created Southport Weekender back in 1987 and decades later how it all is still going. Listen to what it takes to be a successful promoter in today’s music industry…

DJ Disciple - Episode 041

David Banks professionally known as DJ Disciple shares with us his family life and the success his brothers had in the music industry and in the church. Listen to Disciple explain his beginnings from being bussed to school in a different area of Brooklyn to becoming a drummer and then off to becoming a DJ and his start on College radio…

Nicky Holloway - Episode 040

Nicky Holloway’s connection with music began as soon as he was born. Growing up on a boat and witnessing bands such as Pink Floyd playing live, Nicky got into DJing and started his own events in 1985 at The Royal Oak with Giles Peterson and Pete Tong as his residents before they became super DJs. Nicky was renowned for his events in quirky venues…

Brandon Block & Alex P - Episode 039

True House Stories with Lenny Fontana and the super fun duo Brandon Block and Alex P is an absolute must see. Check out this show to hear all of the crazy stories these world renowned DJ pair were involved in during their years of DJing and partying in clubs around the world. Hear all about the mayhem they created during their time playing in Ibiza and why Brandon had to return to the UK. Learn how the party life affected Brandon health wise…

Ralphie Dee - Episode 038

Ralphie D’Agostino aka DJ Ralphie Dee opens up the interview from his humble beginnings of learning about music through watching the famous Television program called The Ed Sullivan show. He shares his life growing up as a young kid in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. The drums were his instrument of choice and rock music was the sound of the times. Ralphie discovers disco music through pre mixed 8 Track tapes and starts to learn the process of becoming a DJ…

Ashley Beedle - Episode 037

The story starts with Ashley Beedle sharing his humble beginnings. He takes us down memory lane on how he visited his first Discotheque back in the 1970s. His first drum machine and listening to artist Gil Scott Heron as a teacher and his beginning of his DJ career in dance music with the Reggae influence…

Teddy Douglas - Episode 036

This story begins with Teddy Douglas sharing his humble beginnings at the record shop. How he arrived with the production name The Basement Boys and meeting Thommy and Jay. How important The Tony Humphries Mastermix radio show on New York Radio 98.7 WRKS FM and having your record played. His first record deal on Jump Street Records and meeting superstar diva vocalist Ultra Naté

A Dance In Paradise Garage - Episode 035

In this first segment you get an history lesson of how the Paradise Garage was erected. Oscar Reyes, Archie Burnett and Mikey Jones talk about life in the beginning with the construction parties, the club politics and the demographic and styling of what made the club what is was and the beginning of DJ Larry Levan inside the New York City Nightclubs and all the surrounding nightlife. Listen to how they speak about John Jellybean Benitez and The Funhouse Nightclub…

Tyree Cooper - Episode 034

Tyree Cooper the awesome super dupa producer, grew up in Chicago, starting out as a top Basketball Player but left to focus on music producing and Djing. Tyree began working with Mike Dunn but after a disagreement they initially parted ways but reunited at an event called Earthquake for freestyle battles which attracted over 500 people to the shows, packing out the club and the overspill of revellers took to partying on the streets outside. In the years of 1984 till 1986 these were Tyree’s…

Carl Cox - Special Episode 004

We welcome Carl Cox to the show and he begins to explain how he is managing with the pandemic. He also tells us about the show he created called “Cabin Fever” and shares with us his humble beginnings on his first steps from playing Classical Piano to purchasing a sound system and his rise in the music industry… Carl Cox is in the middle of writing an autobiography called “Oh Yes.. Oh Yes!” Buy on Amazon

Birdee - Episode 033

By no means a newcomer – but a fresh face on the disco scene, over the course of the last decade Birdee has been extremely active in the dance music world – playing the most prestigious venues and festivals around the globe, collecting support from the world’s biggest players, and even picking up an award for Best Breakthrough DJ at London’s Fabric. His music is supported by a veritable who’s who of dance music: DJs as diverse as Groove Armada, Purple Disco Machine, Horse Meat Disco and Claptone

Victor Simonelli - Episode 032

Discover how Victor Simonelli find his way into music? From a very young age his father was where Victor became so passionate about music. In addition, Victor was classically trained and was able to experience the Brooklyn and NYC club scene in the early 80s. Victor explains how radio was key to hearing the music he loved. Moving out west, Victor missed NYC, feeling totally isolated from the music scene, and was why Victor became so fixated on moving back to NYC in 1986 to enjoy the music and hit the coolest night clubs around NYC…

Marsha Stern & Robbie Leslie DJ Spen - Episode 031

Tune in to hear from Lenny Fontana ’True House Stories’ as he discovers how Marsha Stern and Robbie Leslie became involved in music and their biggest influences. Hear about how Robbie, Marsha and Roy Thode met each other whilst Robbie was waiting in a restaurant / club in Florida. Discover where this friendship took them! Listen as Marsha talks about her memories of hanging out with Roy Thode. What happened when Marsha and Robbie moved to New York…

Freddy Turner - Episode 030

Growing up in a family of 8, all day Freddy Turner was exposed to music by groups such as The Supremes, The Temptations… Learn about how Freddy Turner’s career in the fashion industry began, and how moving to NYC, enabled him to meet icons such as Evelyn Champagne. Despite this full-time career in fashion, Freddy’s passion was music and he went to his local record ‘Rock n Soul’ shop religiously. Hear the story of Freddy Turner’s first track which went on Top of The Pops and reached #14…

DJ Spen - Special Episode 002

Dj Spen takes us on his walk from being a Hip Hop DJ Sensation with forming a group called Numarx back in 1983 to working on production in the early days of the 1980s. He is known as a Rapper MC in the group. Hear him speak about the Milli Vanilli single “Girl You Know its True” and the success and the pain of it all. Listen to Spen take you as he takes you on his journey from Hip hop to when he finds house music through the Disco Lane. He worked with Basement Boys…

Graeme Park - Episode 029

Graeme Park’s roots began working in a record shop in Nottingham He was 1st invited to DJ early 80s after the club owner saw potential. This club was called The Garage and later renamed Kool Kat. Getting a job on The Tube as a researcher, Graeme witnessed Madonna’s first ever appearance in uk at the Hacienda which was filmed for the show. Graeme pursued his dream, DJing weekly at the Hacienda with friend Mike Pickering until 1997. Graeme then moved to super club Cream when The Hacienda closed and was also asked to do regular spots at The Ministry of Sound. In this interview learn about Graeme’s time in New York, his experiences as a DJ and his standpoint moments. Travelling around the world until 2004, Graeme lived a dream but one he never took for granted. The next step for Graeme was remixes which he did with his good friend – Mike Pickering.

Leee John | Imagination - Episode 028

Leee John learned music during his school , his first success in music landed when he went to New York and received his 1st signing with “Worldwide Records” BODY TALK was Leee’s 1st track and became a huge hit. At the same time Leee was also performing as a DJ. and did acting and appeared in various shows. Moving on, Trevor Horn, manager to Grace Jones then signed Leee on R&B- a label made specifically for Leee’s music. Ash Ford & Simpson were a really big influence to Lee.It was after Body Talk he joined up with Imagination. Appearing on Top of the Pops was a great opportunity to show off their talent for live music. Hear about Leee’s time when he was invited by Larry Levan to go to to NYC to play at a club- Zanzibar During this time, hear Leee’s encounter singing to Marvin Gaye in his dressing room.

David Morales - Episode 027

David Morales very first gig was playing at The Loft for Lulu His first regular Djing spot started at Ozone Layer where Lulu was the hostess. Still working a job in a restaurant, David was hands on at promoting his events playing legends such as Colonel Abrams at his shows. In the end he became so busy with his music, it meant quitting his day job. David was fortunate to meet Mike Brady from Paradise Garage and was invited to play at this incredible NYC club in 1983, where he invited legends such as Captain Black and Jocelyn Brown to the party…

Derrick McKenzie | Jamiroquai - Episode 026

Derrick McKenzie you would probably initially tune in to hear about his Jamiroquai fame, but ’True House Stories’ reveals so much more about the man behind the drums of one of the world’s greatest bands in the history of music. Learn how Derrick first picked up his mum’s coat hangers at the age of 5 years old and started to rock out a rhythm. His dad’s music was pivotal to the music he grew to love. Still rocking the coat hangers at the age of 10, he started a band with his friends and practiced relentlessly with coat hangers on his mum’s stool which he used as a makeshift drum kit…

Farley & Heller - Episode 025

Farley & Heller (Terry Farley & Peter Heller) both begin their humble beginnings at the start of the Acid House Movement. They both Dj and happened to work separately at Danny Rampling’s famous Shoom night in the 1980’s. In this interview you will hear them talk about their big club hit with Diva vocalist Loleatta Holloway and how they were responsible for creating the huge house banger track called “Ultra Flava”. Terry Farley and Steven Hall are both responsible for running a successful brand-named Junior Boys Own. Terry Farley went on to create a successful club night in London called Faith and published a very successful magazine as well. Pete Heller in his own right had a huge hit with Big Love and together they toured the world as international Dj’s. Come listen and learn about the UK clubbing history and how it entangles with the US Clubbing scene.

DJ Sneak Special Episode 001

There has been a lot of controversy about DJ Sneak and his stance about the music industry recently which has caused a real stir. Sit back and watch the reasons why DJ Sneak has been so vocal recently. DJ Sneak gives us a very raw, honest and open insight about the reasons for his opinions. This show demonstrates how DJ Sneak has come to these conclusions with very valid points and gained the respect back of an entire nation from his ’True House Stories’ show tonight. DJ Sneak has been honest, open and shown how hard he has had to work in the early days of his career, which is so far away from how it is today. Instead of allowing himself to be controlled by social media and music platforms, DJ Sneak spoke to Lenny Fontana about how he is going back to his roots and Respect to him for his decisions. This is one truly incredible insight into DJ Sneak – watch it, listen to him speak from the heart and then make your judgment about his recent outbursts.

Ben Liebrand | Grandmix - Episode 024

‘True House Stories’ of Ben Liebrand with Lenny Fontana gives a fascinating insight about how the music scene has advanced since the 1980’s and the reasons why. Ben Liebrand grew up in the Netherlands and played such a huge role in the way the music scene advanced and continued to build over the next 4 decades. Learn in this interview about how Ben’s fascination for technology and amazing ear for music and why it was so pivotal in the advances in DJing and music production…

Greg Willson Episode 023

Being on the scene at the same time as Lenny Fontana, this is a fascinating discussion with Greg Wilson about the UK versus USA music scene with 2 of the most knowledgeable artists in the music industry. One of the UK’s greatest DJs & Producers -Greg Wilson speaks about how he became a face in the underground UK music scene in the 70s and beyond. Learn about how Greg was part of the disco, jazz, electro funk and hip hop scenes and how he moved on to producing re-edits due to the difficulty of obtaining remix work..

Louie Vega | Masters At Work - Episode 022

‘True House Stories’ brings you the legend Louie Vega – one of the world’s most successful music producers and DJs worldwide. As a classically trained musician, discover Louie’s roots – nights spent at the Paradise Garage, working in a record pool, meeting Jocelyn Brown, Jellybean Benitez which had a huge impact on Louie’s music productions. Making and breaking his own records and for other artists such as Todd Terry…

Tony Price | DMC World Episode 021

The Prince who actually meets the king – Elvis Presley!! Tony Prince -he sang and danced with Paul McCartney. He partied with Queen prior to their 1st album release promo’d on radio Luxembourg. Tony set up Mixmag and now runs the World Famous DMC World DJ Championships and DMC Magazine. Soon to set up a brand-new Radio Station – Radio DMC. A ‘True House Stories’ legend.

John Morales - Episode 020

Discover how John began producing music at a very young age using a basic tape cassette and looping on this to the equipment he uses today. One of the most successful producers in the music industry, hear about the trials and tribulations about needing to be inspired to make his music have that special magic, dealing with record labels and how selling songs today compared to how it was back in the day. A truly fascinating interview…

Eric Kupper- Episode 019

Tune in and hear about this absolute legend as he worked to produce some of the biggest, most pivotal songs in house music. Creator of the Whistle Song – Listen to how he worked with legends such as Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Mark Kamins and Rupaul and the stories behind Eric’s legendary productions. Discover how he formed Director’s Cut…

Byron Stingily | Ten City - Episode 018

A very raw in-depth discussion with Byron Stingily about his career in the music industry. Listen to his stories of his inspirational producing partners Marshall Jefferson and CeCe Rogers. Discover the difficulties faced producing house music in the pop industry. So many stories, so many memories. Tune in and enjoy the journey of Byron Stingily with Lenny Fontana.

The Ritchie Family - Episode 017

The Ritchie Family were the very first female disco group who have the most incredible ‘True House Stories’ to tell. In this episode, they speak very honestly and openly about the trials and tribulations of record deals. They reveal many unknown facts such as working with legends such as John Lennon no less and how it was touring the world. This is a must watch for all of you that respect and follow the original disco acts. So many unheard before stories about the success of The Ritchie Family as well as the many pitfalls they faced along the way.

Eric Miller aka E-Smoove - Episode 016

In this show, Lenny Fontana is joined by Chicago’s House Legend – E Smoove for a no holds barred interview on becoming a successful DJ and Producer in the heart of the House Capital – Chicago. He tells it all from the humble beginnings to his rise to fame and the artist pseudo names like “Thick Dick” on Subliminal Records. Listen to him tell the stories of working on remixes for Michael Jackson and many other countless pop artists. Expect the shocking truth about record deals, the competitive world of dance music in Chicago and how to make a name for yourself in the music industry. Warning: This is a very raw, honest and open interview that will blow your mind!!

Tony Walker & Marc Dennis | Love To Be - Episode 015

Join the legendary Lenny Fontana as he unveils The untold story behind the UK Superclub Love 2 Be, Sheffield on ’True House Stories’ . Expect the unexpected as we welcome the founder of Love 2 Be – one of the biggest, most successful clubs in the North of England since 1995 -Tony Walker and Marc Dennis to the ’True House Stories’ hot seat!! Now running their own label – Trimtone Records, Tony and Mark really have worked hard and are still continuing their success to this day. How do they do this? All will be revealed!! This is an absolutely epic show, packed full of memories, the highs and lows of running a Superclub and maintaining its reputation with lots love and laughter plus the trials and tribulations along the way.

Gladys Pizarro | Strictly Rhythm - Episode 012

Gladys Pizarro known for her golden ears and killer instinct helped shaped the humble beginnings of house music. The songs that she signed to her former label Strictly Rhythm Records are all known classics. Today she is in the middle of shooting a documentary called “Gotta Have House” and is the owner of her new label called Launch Entertainment. How fitting the name is since she helped launch a lot of the house music royalty that is revered today. A must watch episode.

Kathy Brown - Episode 013

This episode we are joined with diva vocalist NYC Vocalist Kathy Brown. She has earned a huge name in soulful house music with a string of successful hit records and a story to match. Taking us from the beginning in Gospel Music to R&B and Rap. She shares how she discovered house music and how she has not looked back since. Kathy explains dealing with the highs and lows of being in the music business and how to stay relevant.

K-Klass - Episode 012

This week we welcome one of the most successful production teams in the UK House Scene. Paul Roberts & Russell Morgan, the dynamic duo and the men behind the succesful brand K- Klass. A lot of hit song and loads of successful remixes. We learned from them that the journey began from a live band to becoming a DJ/Remix team and back to performing live.

JKriv - Episode 011

This episode we are joined by Jason Kriv one of the founding members of the House Music Band Tortured Soul on Central Park Records take us on his journey in the music business. Finding and making his mark as a successful record producer, remixer, and dj.

Mark Lower - Episode 010

This episode we are joined by one of our younger heroes in disco house music, French DJ Mark Lower. You can listen how he takes us on his rise to fame from a young boy and playing his first ever dance music set at age 12 in a Northern French Club and all the way to signing one of his first big tracks to Nervous Records NYC. A fantastic heart felt warm story.

Seamus Haji | Defected Records - Episode 009

Todays Episode we sit with Dj/Producer/A&R Man Of Big Love / Defected / Glitterbox Seamus Haji. He shares with us his start in the early 1980s known as Dj Slick to his rise in the house scene as Dj Seamus. Come check out his story on the road to success and the pitfalls.

Norman Jay - Episode 008

This episode has to be one of those incredible interviews. Norman Jay MBE walks us through his life’s path from a young boy discovering music from his father and then to become the very popular and well sort out DJ in the 1980s and even through today. His story is moving and there may eventually be a full movie made about it. Tune in to catch this True House Story by one of UK’s Elder Statesman.

Andy Williams aka Yam Who? - Episode 007

This edition we speak with the man behind Qwestlife, Yam Who, and Midnight Riot Records founder Andy Williams. He shares with us his rise to fame and how he created the label that is so strong today. One of the biggest indie labels in the UK for dance and disco music. A must watch.

Toney Lee - Episode 004

Lenny Fontana interviews Brooklyn Born Artist Toney Lee. Toney shares his stride to Reach To The Top and his life story in the music industry and how music has changed through social media and what he did to survive the times. A very inspiration video and the message is extraordinary…

D.C. LaRue - Episode 005

This weeks edition we bring you the vocalist producer and writer, DC Larue. He is a true diamond from the disco era and he was blessed to be involved with many different artists such as the Disco Queen Donna Summer and to work alongside huge industry giants such as Neil Bogart the owner…

CeCe Rogers - Episode 004

On this weeks edition Lenny interviewed CeCe Rogers where he takes us on a journey of his beginnings in dance music and making the transition from R&B and becoming a highly sorted artist in the House Music Game. Come listen to CeCe Rogers share his story with Lenny Fontana…

Natasha Kitty Katt - Episode 003

On this edition of True House Stories we are joined with a young starlet named Natasha Kitty Kat who is being interviewed by NYC DJ Lenny Fontana on the True House Stories Program. MIss Kitty Kat takes the time to share with us her life as a teenager and how she found her love for soul and R&B and sharing this with her biggest fan her dad….

Michael Gray - Episode 002

The guest on this edition of True House Stories we are joined with Michael Gray being interviewed by Lenny Fontana on the True House Stories Program. Michael takes the time to share with us his life as a teenager and how he found his love for soul and R&B music eventually making his life path in the music business…

Marshall Jefferson - Episode 001

In the hot seat is no other than Chicago Record Producer DJ Marshall Jefferson who is known as “The Godfather Of House Music” In this two hour interview he tells you about all his life in dance music and sharing his secrets and rise to fame…


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