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Freddy Turner interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 030

Part 1
Growing up in a family of 8, all day Freddy Turner was exposed to music by groups such as The Supremes, The Temptations… Learn about how Freddy Turner’s career in the fashion industry began, and how moving to NYC, enabled him to meet icons such as Eveyline Champagne.

Despite this full-time career in fashion, Freddy’s passion was music and he went to his local record ‘Rock n Soul’ shop religiously. Hear the story of Freddy Turner’s first track which went on Top of The Pops and reached #14- Hear the story of why this track was pulled down. Leaving fashion in 1992, Freddy took on DJing full time and played at some incredible venues worldwide- Switzerland being his main stay.

DJing, record producing and working on vocals and working at Mixmag, Freddy was 100% a face on the scene. Listen to how Freddy, Dwayne Harding and Barbara Tucker produced one of the biggest tracks ever “Stop playing with my mind@ – Daryl ………was invited to record vocals.

Part 2
Experiencing a very competitive industry, hear about how Freddy encountered the pitfalls of working in the music industry. Discover the pitfalls of record contracts and how it affected Freddy’s career.
What are Freddy’s plans for the future and listen to his take on new music that are being re-edited without permission.

Freddy Turner YouTube Video Part 1

Freddy Turner YouTube Video Part 2

Freddy Turner

Biography Freddy Turner

Freddy Turner is one those DJ’s that you know … but “you just don’t know that you know him.” Freddy has headlined with many of the world’s best DJ’s: Jamie Lewis, Sandy Rivera, Louie Vega, Boris Dlugosch, Tiefschwarz, Knee Deep, Victor Simonelli, Marco Many, Ricky L. Lenny Fontana, Mr. Mike. He has also appeared with top singers Barbara Tucker, Byron Stingily, Michael Watford, Michael Proctor, Kim English, and Carole Sylvan. He had two Billboard Hits in 2000, “Stop Playing With My Mind” by Barbra Tucker and Eyes Cream’s “Fly Away.” Hey both also were International Hits.

Many of Freddy’s recordings have ended up on some of the world’s best CD compilations including; DJ Louie Vega, Strictly Rhythm’s 10th anniversary, Ministry of Sound UK, Knee Deep’s “Testament of House”, Ministry of Sound Germany, Jamie Lewis’ “Purple Music, The Master Collection” and “In the Mix”, Frankie Knuckles’ “Ministry of Sound,” and François K. “Ministry of Sound”, plus too many more to mention.

Easily making a name for himself with his Defining Sound all over Europe, Asia, Freddy is frequently flown to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and most recently Russia, Hong Kong, to DJ in some of the hottest clubs in Moscow and spice up the music scene.

Among some of his most memorable gigs include a New Years at stadium event for more than 65,000 in Basel, Switzerland with Eiffel 66, the Hamburg, 2001 TV/Movie Internet Awards and two simultaneous year-end bashes: a videotaped performance at MTV Germany’s Select New Year’s Eve 2001 and a live performance, with Sandy Rivera, at the Le Blue New Year’s Eve Party 2001 in Geneva.

In addition to his experience as a DJ, Freddy has a respectable list of collaborations with his best friend Jason “Whiplash” Hernandez. He also sings both lead and background vocals with some of the best house music producers worldwide.

DJ Freddy Turner is one of New York City’s, very talented in many ways. Has well as one of the youngest tailors. Working from the age of 13 years old. For some of New York’s Darlings of Fashion Designer’s. Isaac Mizrahi, Bagley & Mischa, Isabel Toledo, Alexander Julian, Pierre Cardin just to name a few” Quality always over quantity.” Less is more, never throw away or sale your records. Classics everything eventually comes back around…