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Leroy Gomez| Santa Esmeralda - Episode 127

Santa Esmeralda is a French-American disco group formed in the 1970s. The group had hits with its remake of the 1960s hits “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” and “House of the Rising Sun”. Santa Esmeralda featured original lead singer Leroy Gómez in 1977-1978 and singer Jimmy Goings from late 1978 until 1983. Gómez rejoined the group in the 1990s. The band was formed in 1977 by French producers Nicolas Skorsky and Jean Manuel de Scarano, singer-songwriters who launched a label with the aim of producing artists who would record their compositions. Upon meeting singer Leroy Gómez in Paris, the duo recruited him for the group’s first record, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, which debuted on the independent French label, Fauves Puma. A sudden success in Europe, the record was picked up for worldwide distribution by Casablanca Records and the rest is history. Leroy will come on True House Stories and share it all.

Roland Clark - Episode 126

Roland Clark is an Artist, Vocalist, Producer and DJ. He has gone under the aliases Jesus Jackson, Digital Pimps, Dark Clark, South Street Player, and is also a founding member of the dance music project Urban Soul “Alright”. One of the many projects he has been involved in is “Flowerz” by Armand van Helden, from the album 2 Future 4 U from 1998, as well as delivering his writing and vocal talents to the likes of Todd Terry, Duke Dumont and Katy Perry. He was featured on two of Fatboy Slim songs, “Star 69” and “Song for Shelter”, both of which sample part of Clark’s song “I Get Deep” and feature on Fatboy Slim’s 2000 album Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. In 2017, “I Get Deep” was once again sampled in “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry. His 2006 song “Running on Sunshine”, which he performed using the Jesus Jackson alias and co-recorded with Fatboy Slim, has appeared in various ABC programming such as Grey’s Anatomy and Men in Trees. Roland was part of one of the biggest Afro House Shows with Producer / DJ Black Coffee. His voice stands out and is a massive part to the dance music scene. Come check out New Jersey Houses Finest share his story with us on the show.

Robert Coleman - Episode 125

Robert Coleman, a Sound Technician, Seamster, and a man of many talents worked for one of the greatest sound installation companies owned by the late sound designer Richard Long out of New York City. RLA & Associates helped change and create the soundscape of what was to become the new benchmark in New York City and the world. RLA became the leaders of “The Heavy Disco Sound” and set the mark with two main clubs as there testing ground and lab. One being the Paradise Garage, who’s DJ Larry Levan helped Richard as well with modifications and designs of the speakers and the other famous club Studio 54 which both opened in the year of 1977. Richard Long’s sound company known as RLA went on to do many big installations around the world, won many awards for its devastating mammoth look and of course Hi Fidelity sound that became synonymous with nightclub owners and its patrons. People would say when you experience an RLA sound system, its “Bass in your Face”, “Highs in your Eyes” with the use of Bertha Bass Boxes with The Levan Extensions and JBL Bullets Tweeters Flying in the Chrome Z-Array’s. Robert will give us the inside history of all the day to day from that momentous time through this interview. We are so humbled to be able to bring someone of his caliber here on True House Stories that can share the Richard Long Story.

DJ Supa D - Episode 124

Coming from a musical background DJ Supa D started djing at the age of 13. He has evolved from genres such as Jungle, Garage and House music where he has been engrossed since 2003 to present day. At 16, DJ Supa D started a weekend job in his local record shop, Wired 4 sound in Hackney, which kept him up to date with the latest sounds. By 2004/5 DJ Supa D started making a name for himself in the underground scene and began djing in clubs nationally…

Burrell Brothers - Episode 123

The development of deep house into a global force during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s also owes much to a pair of near-identical twins from New Jersey, Reginald (AKA Rheji) and Ronald (aka Rhano) Burrell. Talented musicians who had been playing in bands since they were 12 years old, the Burrell twins released an unbelievable amount of music between 1988 and 1993. While their output was varied (they had strong links to New York’s new jack swing, R&B and hip-hop communities…

De Hofnar - Episode 122

De Hofnar is one of the founders of the melodic deep house/tropical house genre. This made him a streaming millionaire. His talent was also seen by the fathers of the day-to-day dance music. Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Pete Tong and Armin van Buuren asked De Hofnar to make official remixes for them. Come check out the superstar of one of the biggest genre’s share with all of us his success and secrets to his rise to fame.

Jovonn - Episode 121

A native of Brooklyn and current resident of Queens (New York), Jovonn has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. Supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. Jovonn began his career as a Hip-Hop DJ at the age of 14 and started spinning records at those infamous New York block parties of the 80s…

Robert Clivilles | C&C Music Factory - Episode 120

Robert Clivillés was a resident DJ in club Better Days in the late 1980s. David Cole was the resident keyboardist there and the two became firm friends. In the late 1980s, Clivillés and Cole were active in the groups 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman, and a Dominican and the 28th Street Crew. At the time, they were the driving force of the short-lived Brat Pack. The duo were also responsible for the formation of pop group Seduction, for whom they wrote and produced a string of top-10 hits. They contributed to the career of former Weather Girls vocalist Martha Wash, who at the same time was one of the lead vocalists for the dance act Black Box. In 1990, Clivillés and Cole released a single featuring later C+C Music Factory…

Booker T - Episode 119

Grammy Nominated Booker T is one of the UK’s most prolific and respected House music producers and DJ in the industry, who has enjoyed widespread success on the commercial and underground scenes. Since his first forays into House music back in the Late 80s, Booker T has delivered a steady stream of quality releases and top artists remixes as well as firing up the decks at some of the world’s best clubs. As one of the UK’s finest producers, Booker has given the dancefloor some incredible vocal anthems including LZ Love “See The Light” on Slip N’Slide and Kathy Wood’s “Give Me Joy”, and his remixes of Usher, Sounds Of Blackness, the All Saints’ worldwide smash “Never Ever”, which won him ‘Remix Of The Year’ …

Phil Fuldner - Episode 118

One of Germany’s longest-serving DJs and producers, Phil Fuldner is a Kosmonaut. In other words, he belongs to that elite group of performers — such as Tom Novy, Eniac, and DJ Moguai — who’ve signed on with Germany’s ultra hip Kosmo Records label. Fuldner first hit the big time in 1997 thanks to the single “The Final” — a remake of the old “Captain Future Hymn.”…

Simon Dunmore - Episode 117

A very candid interview with the main man responsible for some of the biggest house music hits in the game, Simon Dunmore of Defected Records and Glitterbox Recordings. Listen carefully on how he explains his rise in the music business. There are key notes to work and live by that he shares with all of us. Simon’s journey through the music industry to head of Defected was a journey through various subcultures…

Mark London - Episode 116

MARK LONDON is considered a pioneer of the electronic music scene since 1988 in the US. His industry credits have earned him a GRAMMY NOMINEE as a producer and band member of INTERSTATE signed to DJ Icon Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold and the industry respect from every aspect of dance music professionals for over 25 years…

Merlin Bobb - Episode 115

Merlin Bobb has been a music veteran within the entertainment industry for over two decades, from radio to major labels to founder and CEO of his own music entertainment company. His remix and engineering work on various hit records, and his track record for discovering and breaking talent in a diversity of music genres has made him recognized and well…

Disco Donnie - Episode 114

Donnie “Disco Donnie” Estopinal, Founder & CEO of electronic music promoters Disco Donnie Presents. Disco Donnie is considered one of the godfathers of U.S. electronic dance music, evolving over the past 27 years to become one of the top dance music promoters globally. From his early days in the 1990s New Orleans dance scene, Disco Donnie coupled eccentricity with ingenuity to create elaborately themed parties that charmed patrons, garnered an international following, and unwittingly became a catalyst for a national debate over the First Amendment right to expression. Donnie will discuss how he built DDP and its commanding influence on developing electronic music in North America, as well as the state of electronic music following the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Nick Hussey - Episode 113

Nick Hussey started his Dj career at the infamous Hacienda after parties at the Kitchen in Manchester before a successful career Djing at some of the worlds most famous clubs from Moscow to Miami, Italy to Ibiza. Many Mancunians will remember Nick from his residencies at Prague 5, Berlins, Loaf and Paradise Factory as well as his music productions and remixes. Nick Has produced many Manchester artists including Ultracynic, Bowa, Luvdup, Rhythm of Life, Rachel Mcfarlene, Part-E, Emotion, Sweet Mercy and many more Nick has recently been the resident Dj playing to 5000 a night at the huge Zero Gravity Beach & Night club in Dubai and Plaza Beach & Awqa Mist in Marbella. He is currently signed to Defected Records,CR2 & King Street New York as an artist. Check out him giving you all the inside trek.

CINIMIN - Episode 112

Born and raised in the small town of Benoni, South Africa, The Cassim brothers Kyle and Austin have been obsessed with House music since they were young boys. Growing up in a household driven by dance, disco and house music it was inevitable that they would become Djs. But being a Dj wasn’t enough – they wanted to play their own music – music that they believed in, music that awakened their souls. Thus, in 2015 CINIMIN was born. A House music duo that would headline the likes of Ultra South Africa, H2O Africa, Rage Festival, Sabor Festival (Mozambique) and close to..

Craig Bartlett - Episode 111

Craig Bartlett has been on a mission to spread the Soulful House message all over Wales and beyond! LAMERICA has grown in popularity since its inception in 1998. LAMERICA has built up a reputation for promoting real house music. The glamorous house night has gone from strength to strength. The vibe is friendly, educated, and second to no one! The music policy is real house music, from sweet soulful house to urban jackin house and everything in between…

Paul Ibiza - Episode 110

Paul Ibiza is the man responsible for bringing the world the legendary records label Ibiza Records, he is the promoter that organized cutting edge events Fantastic Ibiza, Jungle Splash and MC Convention to name but a few. More recently Paul aka Digital Niyabinghi has been producing “Jungle Dub” and taking his Digital Niyabinghi Sound System on tour. Although Paul could be labelled as a Producer, Promoter, DJ, Label owner, Paul simply describes himself as an entrepreneur within the music industry. Paul got started in the rave business in 1988 around the time of events such as Sunrise…

Steve Silk Hurley - Episode 109

Steve Silk Hurley also known as J. M. Silk (for “Jack Master Silk”), is an American club DJ, house music producer, and songwriter. From 1985 to 1988, he had four top-10 singles on the US Dance chart, including the number-one hit “I Can’t Turn Around“, all released in collaboration with Keith Nunnally as J. M. Silk. With “Jack Your Body” (number 25 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play), he topped the UK Singles Chart in January 1987 as a solo artist, while one of his later compositions, “Work It Out” from 1989, brought him his fifth top-10 record on the US Dance chart…

Terry Spamer - Episode 108

You wouldn’t normally expect a club night in a northern UK city to be an hotbed for the emerging UK house music scene, but Deja vu in Hull was hailed as a pioneer of house music in the UK by legendary clubbing bible Mixmag, it was also named no1 club night in DJ Magazine and has received many accolades over the years and was voted by clubbers the best night in the north. Deja Vu has now been running for over 30 years and even today manages to secure the hottest talent around…

DJ Disciple - Episode 107

“The Beat The Scene The Sound” follows DJ Disciple and his story of how DJ’s, Promoters, Fans and others from a diverse communities transformed House Music from a DIY project into an international sensation amidst the tumult of 1980s and 90s era NYC. DJ Disciple and many other DJs sought to regain a footing in the USA, but that only became possible with the rise of commercialized EDM. This book shows what is possible when you bring people together and what can unravel when you split them apart.

Georgie Porgie - Episode 106

There’s a certain type of DJ/ artist to emerge from Chicago, having been raised around the rawest and purest forms of House and Dance music. These roots cement themselves within the cities‘ residents, and form a continual source of inspiration for those who seek it. George Andros or Georgie Porgie or GP as he is known across the globe, is no exception…

Ricky Morrison - Episode 105

Ricky Morrison has been breaking beats since it all began in ’86. Genuinely one of the most influential producers & DJ’s in the UK house scene from its original days in the early eighties. He is also one half of the dance music production and remixing duo, M&S. Their biggest hit was ‘Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)’…

Sam Divine - Episode 104

Sam Divine is a DJ that knows exactly what to play and when to play it. The hours she spent rifling through vinyl in the warehouse of Chemical Records, where Sam once worked as a house buyer, gives her an insurmountable understanding of the genre. Having played nearly every club in Ibiza – including residencies at Ushuaia, Amnesia and Sankeys

Bobby Shaw - Episode 103

Bobby Shaw’s start in dance music began in 1977 as a bartender in the highly successful discotheque, The Barefoot Boy. There he became close friends with DJ Tony Smith and was fortunate to experience and hear the likes of disc jockeys Roy Thode, Vince Michaels, Larry Sanders, and Wayne Scott, to name a few….

Melba Moore - Episode 102

Melba Moore began her recording career in 1967, cutting the track “Magic Touch” which was left unreleased until 1986. In later years it became an enormous track on the Northern Soul Scene, eventually leading to Moore performing it live in 2009 at the Baltic Soul Weekender 3 in Germany north of Hamburg…

Robert Kool Bell | Kool & The Gang - Episode 101

Robert “Kool” Bell is one of the founding members of the legendary Pop/R&B group Kool & the Gang, the seven-time Grammy Award winners who also earned many American Music Awards. A multi-platinum-selling group and the most sampled band of all time, Kool & the Gang…


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