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DJ Disciple interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 107

“The Beat The Scene The Sound” follows DJ Disciple and his story of how DJ’s, Promoters, Fans and others from a diverse communities transformed House Music from a DIY project into an international sensation amidst the tumult of 1980s and 90s era NYC.

Disciple and many other DJs sought to regain a footing in the USA, but that only became possible with the rise of commercialized EDM. This book shows what is possible when you bring people together and what can unravel when you split them apart.

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Biography DJ Disciple

Disciple has climbed to the top of the house music ladder with DJ residencies all over the world, from Red-Lite in Montreal to Motor in Detroit. His groundbreaking sets at Pacha in Ibiza, Release (San Francisco), and Ministry Of Sound (UK) would have him play these venues at least three times a year. DJ Magazine twice named Disciple one of the world’s top 100 DJs. He has a faithful following that live for his inspired journeys as well as respect from Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1 and MTV Europe.

Recently, DJ Disciple slowed down his tireless work schedule long enough to start a family. He married Amber Daniels this year and the couple had their first child, Julia Banks, in August.

But even with the beginnings of married life and parenthood, he manages weekly gigs, playing and event planning at Release Tuesday Nights (Sapphire Lounge) and monthly spots at La Souk Harem and Affaire NYC. When Pioneer Electronics came out with their new portable player, the Steez, they went to DJ Disciple to write the promotional song “My Steez. Disciple continues to advance his record label with widespread event planning.