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Kayper interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 072

Part 1
Kayper sits with us on True House Stories and explains how she became a DJ from being a drummer. She gets her humble beginnings from her brother purchasing two Technics 1200 and just learning on her own. She even explains how her name Kayper came to be from her school days.

She gets a call from a friend who was promoting a student night at Ministry Of Sound and her big break and she is then offered a residency at the club. One thing leads to another and against all odds she goes against her family to pursue a DJ Career in the UK.

Part 2
Kayper in this segment explains how she finds a college outside London to study Music Technology. Listen to hear talk about her parents try to discourage her from being a DJ. Against all the odds she pushes on and then at one gig a BBC talent agent discovers her and experienced her set and asked her to come for a meeting at Radio and try out for a show.

She gets deep and real about being of African / Asian decent and how she is treated in the corporate system. Her life takes a huge turn across the water when she is invited to play at the famed SOB’s on Varick Street New York City. She meets her US booking agent and the open format gigs begin and the famed Hollywood crowd wants her. She is a jewel for the hip hop community and the house music community. Great American Story…

Kayper YouTube Video Part 1

Kayper YouTube Video Part 2

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Biography Kayper

You might find her standing on tiptoes to reach the turntables but whatever you do, don´t underestimate this veritable supernova of talent  all packed into one feisty five foot package. Kayper can be found spinning at some of the worlds most amazing nightclubs and she counts the likes of Afrojack, Drake, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow amongst her many fans. Not bad for a Croydon girl who taught herself to DJ using tape decks at the age of seven. In 2004, she became the first female to win the Vestax Juice DJ Competition and cemented herself as a record-breaking DJ in the process.

Very few DJs can transition from club sets to high profile festival performances and branded events. Her limitless skill has earned her a cult following on the mainstream and underground, dance and urban music scenes.

Kayper´s turntable skills have earned her residencies and headline shows at some of the worlds most renowned and exclusive nightclubs, including London´s Ministry of Sound, New York City´s famed SOB´s, LA hot spots Emerson Theatre and Greystone Manor  not to mention Chicago´s Paris Club, Tao, Hyde and Marquee in party capital of the world, Las Vegas. She is the only British DJ to have a regular residency at LIV in Miami other than Calvin Harris and the only DJ to headline the Fontainebleau Party alongside Drake for NYE 2013.

Her stratospheric rise has consolidated her reputation as one of the most highly regarded DJs in the industry and this was celebrated as she took home the award for best club DJ at the London Club Awards 2012. Ever in demand, she has played internationally at a huge host of high-end events ranging from The Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Festival, Neon Carnival Coachella, Lollapalooza and SXSW to fashion and brand events for Samsung, Carrera, Absolute Elyx and Salvatore Ferragama.

Over the years, Kayper has played tour support DJ to a list of hip hop royalty including Pete Rock, Pharaoh Monch, Ghostface (Wu-Tang Clan), Guru (Gangstarr), Common, and more recently she was the tour DJ for Angel Haze. Kayper made her debut as a producer when she collaborated with dubstep collective Engine Earz on the track Gimme Some which was co-signed by Diplo and released on his label Maddecent in 2011.

Her latest single Magic Faces is set to be released on 2nd December but has already gained the attention of BBC 6 music, BBC 1Xtra and key blogs such as Hypetrack and Hunger Magazine who described the track as having 80?s & 90?s R&B influences over a housey, 2-step vibe. Kayper´s second solo single entitled Out My Mind will be released on Main Course Records on 19th December with an official iTunes and Beatport release in early January.