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Kim Mazelle interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories™ # 056

Part 1
Kym Mazelle shares with the viewers on True House Stories her humble beginnings that start as a young girl from Gary, Indiana. The same place as Michael Jackson and the The Jackson 5 lived and started their careers as well.

We find out that she grew up on the same street where Steeltown Records had the recording studio and rehearsal space. So, she witnessed The Jackson 5 going from a band she saw thru the window of the studio and watch them transform to a hit sensation on The Ed Sullivan Show.

As she grows up, she pursues all avenues of the music industry taking on internships and working for very prominent people in the music business. She also did tour management in the beginning for Loleatta Holloway and DJ International Records. Kym shares with us how her recording career began. Listen to her as she has a wealth of knowledge that is priceless.

Part 2
Kym Mazelle thru all the internships at all different record labels and working in press and being an intern for Music Attorneys decides to set up her own label called Police Records. In 1987, she worked with record producer Marshall Jefferson on the single “Taste My Love” which she funded and released on her label.

The single takes off in the UK and she talks to her good friend recording artist Adonis from Traxs Records, as he just came back off touring in the UK and gets him to introduce her to his booking agent David Levy. David helps manage her a tour and even gets EMI Records to attend her show, they love what they heard and A&R Rob Sawyer signs her on the spot.

EMI signed Kym to a 5-album deal and they help create the “First Female House Artist” and brings her to the commercial stardom. The rest is music history, come and listen to Kim tell her giant story.

Kim Mazelle YouTube Video Part 1

Kim Mazelle YouTube Video Part 2

Kym Mazelle

Biography Kim Mazelle

Kym Mazelle is an American singer. She is regarded as one of the pioneers of House Music. Her music combines, R&B, Soul, Disco, and Pop, she is credited as “The First Lady of House Music” – Wikipedia

Kym Mazelle is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, who helped shape and pioneer House Music  genre World-wide..  After graduating College started a small label with 2 partners under the name House To House Police Records,  released her 1st single. This single was exported to London via various DJ’s, part of the Chicago House Music explosion in the early 80’s.

This new form of music contributed to the birth and growth of Rave, Dance, Club Culture, & the birth of the Celebrity DJ, across Europe, the UK& ROTW.  Still growing, now termed EDM.  Kym was at the forefront, relocated to the UK by her Record label EMI/Syncopate Worldwide in the late 80’s to begin a life’s adventure.

To date, Kym has graced the stage and, worked with such luminaries as:  Sir Mick Jagger, Chaka Khan, Baz Lurhman, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Frankie Knuckles, Pete Tong OBE,  JazzieB OBE, Maceo Parker, Soul2Soul, David Guetta, Simon Cowell,  & many more.  Kym has also appeared in London’s West End Theatre Shows, and countless Television Shows:

BBC-Celebrity MasterChef, BBC-Celebrity Weakest Link, BBC TV Series “Trainer” ITV Celebrity Shows, Presenter MOBO Awards, ITV Celebrity Fit Club, BBC- Celebrity Pointless, Channel 5 CCB-BOTS, When things go horribly wrong- franchise, Voice-Over-Famous Grouse Ad campaign. Kym also works in Education &  Public Speaking  Events in the USA & the UK .

Kym’s musical theatre credits include West End production of “Thriller Live” and Tour Production of “Ray Charles “I Can’t Stop Loving You” also “Smokey Joe’s Café’