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Robert Coleman interview podcast hosted by Lenny Fontana # 125 - True House Stories®

Robert Coleman, a Sound Technician, Seamster, and a man of many talents worked for one of the greatest sound installation companies owned by the late sound designer Richard Long out of New York City. RLA & Associates helped change and create the soundscape of what was to become the new benchmark in New York City and the world. RLA became the leaders of “The Heavy Disco Sound” and set the mark with two main clubs as there testing ground and lab.

One being the Paradise Garage, who’s DJ Larry Levan helped Richard as well with modifications and designs of the speakers and the other famous club Studio 54 which both opened in the year of 1977. Richard Long’s sound company known as RLA went on to do many big installations around the world, won many awards for its devastating mammoth look and of course Hi Fidelity sound that became synonymous with nightclub owners and its patrons.

People would say when you experience an RLA sound system, its “Bass in your Face”, “Highs in your Eyes” with the use of Bertha Bass Boxes with The Levan Extensions and JBL Bullets Tweeters Flying in the Chrome Z-Array’s. Robert will give us the inside history of all the day to day from that momentous time through this interview. We are so humbled to be able to bring someone of his caliber here on True House Stories that can share the Richard Long Story.

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Biography Robert Coleman

Likes: photography, drawing, culinary arts, all music, roller skating, Olympics, fine arts, deep sea fishing, biking, swimming, skiing, knitting, crocheting, sewing, wood working, origami, double Dutch, driving.


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