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Frankie Foncett interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 046

Part 1
We are joined by the legendary London UK Dj Frankie Foncett. His Caribbean roots come from the island of Trinidad. His start in music was in the 1970s being introduced to groups such as Commanded, James Brown and the JB’s, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. His cousin Tony had a huge hand in helping Frankie learn about disco, bringing mix tapes back from New York City Radio Station, Disco 92 WKTU with DJ Ted Currier in the mix.

Frankie also talks about how important Reggae sound was in the days of the early night clubs and how the music with its heavy bass lent to the excitement of the Carnival sound and the dub culture. Rapper Kurtis Blow, DJ Davy DMX was also a huge inspiration with his hip hop mixes around 1982 with his style of cutting and scratching.

During this time this is where he meets a young DJ Paul Trouble Anderson who at the time was known as “Trouble Funk”. Frankie begins as the warm up dj at the Electric Ballroom for Paul Trouble. As his time in London starts to begin in the music business he picks up jobs at record shops and ends up at Black Market Records and here he becomes famous with all the DJ’s of the time being able to take care of them with their rare grooves.

Part 2
Frankie Foncett shares about how he is becoming a tastemaker in London. Record promoters would bring Frankie their new stack’s because of his power as the DJ/Selector and being able to sell records at a high rate in the shop. He discovers the Danny Rampling Shoom party and as the drug culture is beginning in the clubs and House Music is starting to be the music of the clubs.

Frankie also was involved as an A&R man for Black Market Records and he talks about how he passed on Frankie Knuckles production of “Tears.  He makes his way from the sound system culture and begins to work with Norman Jaye at High On Hope. Frankie now becomes nicknamed Frankie Black Market.

He works with Astoria Promoter Nicky Holloway. Paul Oakenfold asks Frankie to stand in for him at the Spectrum as he visits New York. Frankie style is part New York and Chicago with a UK twist and he is gigging all over London and is becoming quite popular. It lends him to become a producer and sought out remixer working on artists such Lisa Stansfield and so many that went on to become multi-platinum sales.

Ministry of Sound awards a residency to Frankie and he makes another story at one of the greatest clubs in the world and changed the sound of his night towards the sound coming from Mood 2 Swing, Funky Green Dogs, Daft Punk, and enjoys a residency for 3 years.

As with every good thing he decides to take a break and leaves the industry and starts a new career in the Fashion Industry. Even in fashion the passion is there to succeed and has done very well. He is now finding his way back as the DJ and is soughed out now as one of the Golden DJS of the greatest dance era, house music.

Frankie Foncett YouTube Video Part 1

Frankie Foncett YouTube Video Part 2

Frankie Foncett

Biography Frankie Foncett

Frankie Foncett is considered by many in dance music to be a pioneer and one of the most technically gifted DJ’s and Remixers of his generation.
Having gained a stella reputation aged just 16 in mid-1985.

Frankie would soon be one of the first DJ’s in Europe to bring the New York style of long overlaying of records to club sets.
While working the EQ and using a Reel To Reel for custom edits. Equally able to blend electro, soul and club music.
In 1988 he became the Head buyer @ the seminal Black-Market Records in London’s Soho.

In that position he helped set the pulse of the city`s taste. And is widely credited with forging a now legendary moment in Music. HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
He has mixed or edited or A&R dozens of classic records. And one of the few dj in the world to played alongside golden era legends Jam Master Jay or icons like Danny Tenaglia. During the 90″s Frankie held the position of resident dj @ The Ministry of Sound. For 3 years on Saturday nights that was of the most explosive places to hear new music.

He was instrumental in breaking countless artistes and records during this period. Including Daft Punk among others.
Between 95 & 98 Frankie set an incredible standard for other DJ’s to follow in terms of working the Ministry`s main room.
He is now highly revered among his peers, and continues spin at special events worldwide.