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Teddy Douglas (Basement Boys) interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 036

Part 1
This story begins with Teddy Douglas sharing his humble beginnings at the record shop. How he arrived with the production name Basement Boys and meeting Thommy and Jay. How important The Tony Humphries mastermix radio show on New York Radio 98.7 WRKS FM and having your record played. His first record deal on Jump Street Records and meeting superstar diva vocalist Ultra Nate’.

Part 2
In this Segment he discovers songwriter and diva vocalist Ultra Nate’. The Basement Boys begin to work with Major Labels such as Warner Brothers, Eternal, MCA and Mercury Records. The first trip to London when he signs “It’s Over Now” and meets Norman Jay. A music conference and a cassette is handed to the guys and Crystal Waters is discovered. Crystal writes the “Gypsy Woman” Song for Ultra Nate album and it released as Crystal Waters.

Dj Danny Tenaglia breaks the record out at the Winter Music Conference and not too far after it goes Gold. Basement Boys are the hottest commodity in the game and Teddy wants to follow Motown Records and make it a family business with the same.

Teddy Douglas YouTube Video Part 1

Teddy Douglas YouTube Video Part 2

Teddy Douglas YouTube Video Part 3

Teddy Douglas

Biography Teddy Douglas

What does Micheal Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Crystal Waters, Erykah Badu, Martha Wash and Ultra Nate’ all have in common? All of them have been produced by Teddy Douglas .The Baltimore native DJ/producer began his DJ career professionally in 1983 at the hottest clubs in Baltimore D.C. area till present. While still traveling around the globe in DJ booths from famed Yellow in Japan to Ministry of Sound he continue to wow his audiences at the legendary club Paradox in Baltimore.

The long running Salvation party is 14 years strong. Recently he teamed up with long time collaborators DJ Spen and Karizma for the bi-annual party called Respekt at the Paradox. He is a key figure in the development of the Baltimore “House” Sound .In 1985 he met Jay Steinhour and Thommy Davis who later went on to form The Basement Boys production company.

The Basement Boys have produced countless dance classics like the 1991 Gold single “Gypsy Woman” (la da dee, la da da) which has been sampled to this day by everyone from R&B Gospel duo Mary Mary, Pitbull to T.I. in 2006. In the mid 90’s Teddy Douglas and Jay Steinhour opened Basement Boys Records. The label is responsible for club anthems from Teddy Douglas feat Francesso The Violin, Jasper St. Co. feat. Ann Nesby, Those Guys and countless others from Kenny Bobien, Taja Seville and more. In 2012 the label re-launched with Mudfoot Jones.

In 2006 he started his own label ,Save your Soul records which produced Margaret Grace and the 2013 Teddy Douglas project feat. Maysa, Marcel, Natalie the Floacist and The P-Funk Horns.


Biography Basement Boys

It was 1986 when the first sounds came rumbling from a basement studio in Baltimore USA as three young DJ friends began making music on a 4-track recorder… Little did The Basement Boys know that they would evolve into one of the most respected and acclaimed names in the world of dance music. Over the years The Basement Boys have witnessed an ever changing musical landscape, but their goal and their focus to consistently create, release, and expose quality sounds has never changed, achieving both commercial success and underground credibility.