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Alison Limerick interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 053

Part 1
Alison Limerick known for being very honest, totally open and with her extremely dry sense of humor makes this show so incredible. Hear about how Covid has affected Alison and the potential effects this pandemic could have on Alison’s vocal talent.

Alison Limerick was born into a live music family and jazz was the mainstay! The love of contemporary music all begins with the purchase of the first 7 inch of The Jacksons with the song “ABC” Alison, as a young child, attended dance class that she used that opportunity to sing while dancing for London Contemporary Ballet. Alison learned by herself how to train her voice by watching others around her to reach her full musical potential.

Part 2
Alison Limerick appeared at ICA for a vocal live where music producer from the band Brooklyn Funk Essentials Lati Kronland witnesses her musical abilities and made it his business to find out her personal details, makes contact and asks to work with her.

They go into the studio and work together on a few tracks and because of his of understanding of Alison’s vocal range and abilities, Lati asked Alison to sing ‘Where Love Lives’ – a track that Lati wrote and produced and has been the mainstay of Alison Limerick’s life as well as all of the lives she touched in clubs worldwide, “Where Love Lives!!!!! Listen to how this tracks changes her life forever and the music industry.

Alison Limerick YouTube Video Part 1

Alison Limerick YouTube Video Part 2

Allison Limerick

Biography Alison Limerick

Singer Alison Limerick began her music career during the mid-’80s, after attending the London School of Contemporary Dance, and lending backing vocals to high-profile recordings like the Style Council’s 1985 LP Our Favourite Shop.

A year later, 4AD label chief Ivo Watts-Russell tapped her to appear on Filigree & Shadow, the second album from his all-star This Mortal Coil project; Limerick also appeared on the follow-up, 1991’s Blood. Work with Peter Murphy (1992’s Holy Smoke) followed before Limerick finally made her solo debut in 1994, teaming with renowned dance producers David Morales and Frankie Knuckles for hits including “Where Love Lives” and the U.K. Top 20 smash “Make It on My Own”; the full-length With a Twist appeared the same year.

The 1996 remix collection, Club Classics followed, and a year later Limerick returned with “Put Your Faith in Me.”