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Maurice Joshua interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 051

Part 1
Grammy Award Winner for best remixer sits down about his life in the music industry. Starting from learning how to play Woodwind Instruments during his school days to becoming a Club DJ and forming a partnership with Hula Mahone. He takes us on his journey from the start of producing records for Trax Records Chicago, to writing his first huge hit called “This Is Acid” under the artist’s name Maurice.

Touring the USA as a successful recording artist and the world for three solid years. He comes back to Chicago and begins his remix career under ID Records and Steve Silk Hurley. Listen to him share the success of what it took to become that sought out Remixer / Producer.

Part 2
Maurice Joshua shares how he decided to leave ID Records and starts his new venture called Vibe Records with recording artist and partner Georgie Porgie. From there he moves on and creates other sub labels. His remix career flourishes and he sets up his new management company with his manager Connie V, and from there Beyonce and Destiny’s Child working relationship begins.

Listen to Maurice tell you how this partnership with him as the remixer and bringing in all the R&B artists developed into this huge success, to the point of winning the Grammy Award for Best Remixer Of The Year.

Maurice Joshua YouTube Video Part 1

Maurice Joshua YouTube Video Part 2

Maurice Joshua

Biography Maurice Joshua

Maurice Joshua is a Grammy Award winning producer, a songwriter, and a DJ.  Known as the Remix King, Maurice has worked with the likes of Micheal Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Drak, N.Sync, Mary Mary, Mary J Blige, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé , and an endless list of superb Multi Platinum talent. After four prior Grammy nominations, in 2004 Maurice won a Grammy award for his work with Beyonce feat Jay Z remixing the top selling single, Crazy In Love.

Maurice’s talent spectrum is broad having worked with all genres of music including R&B, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Jazz and most notably Chicago’s very own, House Music, where is considered one of the originators of the brand.  Currently, Maurice is on a worldwide 90’s tour as a member of The Outhere Brothers performing in front of thousands of people every weekend . Maurice has made an indelible contribution to the music industry and does so with a humble heart and a welcoming spirit.