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Coming from a musical background DJ Supa D started djing at the age of 13. He has evolved from genres such as Jungle, Garage and House music where he has been engrossed since 2003 to present day. At 16, DJ Supa D started a weekend job in his local record shop, Wired 4 sound in Hackney, which kept him up to date with the latest sounds. By 2004/5 DJ Supa D started making a name for himself in the underground scene and began djing in clubs nationally.

In 2006 Supa D was approached to compile his first major CD for Jet Star Records called, ‘Timeless Anthems, (The Soulful House Experience)’. He then went on to bring out compilations with Rinse FM in 2007 and 2010, then with Ministry of Sound in 2009. DJ Supa D has captivated a wide range of followers throughout his career and continues to do so as he travels the world DJing in places such as Miami, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Denmark, Paris, Ibiza, Cyprus, Malia, Crete, Antigua and Dubai with many more locations scheduled.

DJ Supa D is also joint owner of a record label called ‘SOTU’, (Sounds of The Underground), which was set up by a close friend, DJ Pioneer in 2012. The future is looking bright for the label with a few releases circulating the underground House scene and forthcoming releases which are set to cause a storm. DJ Supa D has rebuilt his studio and is currently focusing on his production skills with future releases scheduled to hit the scene very soon, so watch this space because DJ Supa D is back with a vengeance.

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Biography DJ SUPA D

DJ Supa D started his DJing career at the tender age of just 14 while learning through his father who at the time was a DJ. One day still at the age of only 14 Supa and his friend Jammer were walking through Hackney Wick Market and came across a pair of decks and bought them for a mere £5.

Since then many different types of music have been in his record selection from Jungle to Garage, Grime and Funky House. He started off DJing Jungle in 1995 and in 1997 crossed over playing UK Garage along with Jungle at the young age of only 16. He was on stations such as Magic 90.2 & Mission 90.6 and in 2002 Supa D joined De Ja Vu 92.3fm.

He was on the station for nearly 5 years, and his shows were every Tuesday between the hours of 6-8pm and Thursday between 12-2pm. In 2003 Supa D started to see a change in the Garage scene and also the music, and he wasnt really feeling it anymore. He dabbled in the new Garage Scene which is now known to many as Grime Music but decided in 2003/04 that he wasnt really feeling it anymore.

Through working at a local record shop, he started to enjoy the sounds of certain house flavours and eventually in that same year decided to cross over to playing funky and soulful house. Since he left school at 16 his love and determination has taken many avenues for him to fulfill his hobby. He worked for Wired for Sound Record shop in Hackney every week on a Friday and was there for 8/9 years.

He described this as more of a hobby than a job and the bonus was that he was getting paid for it along with getting records at discounted rates plus knowing what was hot and new in all types of music genres and for networking. Over the years his DJing has taken him on a journey to clubs all over London and abroad. Top club nights that he has played for are the likes of Pssst, Red Carpet, La Cosa Nostra, Back 2 95,twice as nice, house warming,whore for house,circle plus many more.

He has already graced the shores on countries such as the Miami Winter Music Festival in the USA, Denmark, Paris(with Spidey g)antigua de jam festival,cyprus,malia and Amsterdam. Also dont forget you can now tune into The Original Supa D on or 100.4fm in london each and every thursday from the hours of 7pm-9pm(g.m.t) giving you the true sounds of house music.


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