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We celebrate the life of one of the most recognizable voices in soulful house music, Michael Procter. Babou who runs her group page called Babou’s House shares her life experience with him as the entertainer, the father of their daughter and his best friend. She was also responsible for his management. Babou shares this special interview with Dj Spen, Tony Carassco, and Keith Kemper.

Tony Carassco speaks about his remix of “I Got Love” and his personal relationship with Michael Procter and his manager Babou. He shares his life behind the music from the early days of electronic music to what he is doing. Keith Kemper shares his background in dance music, he is also an accomplished keyboard player, remixer and label owner. Keith played the keyboards on Lenny Fontana Remix which is a banger.

DJ Spen closes out explaining the process of grabbing this hot track and the admiration he holds for Michael and Babou.

Michael Procter friends YouTube Video Part 1

Michael Procter friends YouTube Video Part 2

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Biography Michael Procter

Michael Procter (died 23rd January 2020) was originally from Peoria, but his rise to fame began when the aspiring singer/songwriter was recruited as a player in the long-running pop vocal group 5th Dimension. The group had been founded by Billy Davis Jr with a line-up that included Marilyn McCoo, and was frequently backed by legendary Los Angeles session musicians The Wrecking Crew.

Procter joined the group in 1979 according to the Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock & Soul, just after the departure of McCoo and Davis He departed 5th Dimension (which released their first single all the way back in 1966 and has been frequently rekindled with surviving members) in 1988 for a solo career.

Unlike many soul vocalists who achieved a level of professional renown in the 1980s, Procter slid easily into house music and his voice became both a familiar and a welcoming sound inside the clubs. Among his most popular singles from the first phase of his career were two singles with Urban Blues Project (aka Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy, later founders of Traxsource): “Deliver Me” on Victor Simonelli‘s Bassline Records and “Love Don’t Live” on Tappert and Pomeroy’s Soulfuric.

His latest single was released in October 2019 – Change with Audio Heritage on Grounded Records.

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