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Ray Pinky Velazquez interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 069

Part 1
Ray Pinky Velazquez gets his start from his father being the manager of an equipment famous Electric Shop called Leonard’s Electrics back in the 1970s.

The owner of the Brazilian Disco called Ipanema spoke to Ray’s dad and Ray’s father advised the owner to try his son out for the DJ position. Well to say the least Ray went to the tryout and the rest is history. Come listen to this legendary Disco DJ tell it all.

Part 2
Ray Pinky Velazquez known as the DJ, Artist, A&R, Remixer and Editor speaks about his beginnings of 99 Prince Street Record Pool. He leaves that pool to join Eddie Rivera’s IDRC Record Pool and because of that move, Eddie helps put him forward for the A&R Consultant at Vanguard Records.

In this part he explains what it was like working for older owners of a famous jazz label looking to step into Disco and all the wonderful records he was responsible for during his time at the label.

Ray Pinky Velazquez YouTube Video Part 1

Ray Pinky Velazquez YouTube Video Part 2

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Biography Ray Pinky Velazquez

Dance Music remix specialist, former A&R director Vanguard Records, Co-Founder of Legends of Vinyl.

‘Ray “Pinky” Velazquez (born May 28, 1955) is a Latin-American dance music producer, mixer, and remixer. Velazquez is the co-founder, former Ceo and former vice president of the Legends of Vinyl and is known for tracks including South Central, Disco Not Disco 2, Twilight 22, and Savage Lover. He was the A&R man and disco consultant for the Vanguard Records dance music department. He was responsible for the signing and the introduction of Public Enemy into the record business (under the name of Spectrum City) and also produced their first single.

He was the club spinner for the Ipanema Discotheque in the 1970s. Velazquez was also a member of New York City’s Rockpool and was the first DJ to win an award for programming progressive in alternative rock at WCCR AM RADIO of the City College New York, New York City.