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A Dancer in Paradise interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories® # 035

Part 1
In this first segment you get an history lesson of how the Paradise Garage was erected. Oscar Reyes, Archie Burnett and Mikey Jones talk about life in the beginning with the construction parties, the club politics and the demographic and styling of what made the club what is was and the beginning of DJ Larry Levan inside the New York City Nightclubs and all the surrounding nightlife.

Listen to how they speak about John Jellybean Benitez and The Funhouse Nightclub.

Part 2
Listen to Oscar Reyes, Archie Burnett & Mikey Jones explain about the membership process and what was like to become a core member of the club. Listen to how DJ Larry Levan controlled everything in the room and turned up the heat in every way with his message in the music.

As the club grows the needs of the people are met and the mystique is created and the word spreads worldwide as you need to experience it. The first club to have record pool parties and the involvement of Mel Cheren from West End Records. A moment were Grace Jones is yelling at Larry Levan and share the dangers and excitement of New York City in the 1970’s and 1980’s and what Michael Brody’s Vision of the Club and the success it had.

A Dancer in Paradise YouTube Video Part 1

A Dancer in Paradise YouTube Video Part 2

A Dancer in Paradise YouTube Video Part 3

A Dancer In Paradise


00:00 Intro
00:10 The New York City Night Clubs
01:25 Bonds International
02:16 Garage House Music
02:28 The House That Larry Levan Built
03:12 Memberships at the club
04:59 Intro to Oscar Reyes, Archie Burnett, Mikey Jones
06:57 Capezio Dance Shoes
08:23 Horse Bath and working at UPS
09:52 “You Betta Werk”
11:21 Moment of Silence for a brothers lost Greg “Flame” Seely & “Latin Hustle King” – Floyd
12:22 Paradise Garage Reunion – Oscar Reyes Poem
13:50 The Dancer first or the DJ
14:10 Oscar Begins work at Garage during Construction parties
14:47 John “Jellybean” Benitez
15:48 The Membership Card
16:07 The Last Verse – The Day Is Done – Longfellow Poem
16:39 The Ramp
17:48 The Original Sign outside the club
18:15 Sharing the owner Michael Brody
19:38 Kangol and Adidas Shorts
19:52 Nicky Siano Gallery Dancers
20:15 The Garage Booth
21:46 The King Tut Party
23:00 Noel Garcia – The Consummate Host – The Greeting
24:59 The Details of the layout of the rooms
27:50 Climax Hour
28:50 The Tourist
29:10 Larry Levan Changes the vibe for the morning dancers
31:00 Styling and Demographic of people

00:00 The Clothing Gear
01:04 The Five Fingers Of Death – First Martial Arts Movie
02:48 The Membership Drive
03:40 Application of Core Membership
04:40 Mechanic Wrench Core Members – Priceless
04:50 Membership Cards Introduced in 1980
06:50 Larry Levan as your resident DJ
08:17 Euphoria from the dancefloor
09:15 Commercial Club vs The Underground Clubs
12:12 The Bus Stop
13:11 The Record That Would Clear the Dancefloor
13:46 Thunder Sound Effects
15:55 Grace Jones Threatens Larry Levan
16:25 “Get On The Funk Train”
17:09 Michael Brody Meets Levan at Reade Street / Soho Place
17:40 The Evolution of Garage
19:00 The Roof Deck
21:33 The Chameleon Club
22:57 David Mancuso – The Loft, Nicky Siano – The Gallery
26:41 Michael Brody Vision of Garage
28:00 The Petition Is Sent Out
30:00 The Competition of Other Clubs Promotion
33:15 The Changing of the DJ – Larry Levan is Fired
36:57 Tee Scott Damages the Soundsystem
39:10 Mel Cheren West End Records as an investor
40:50 The Dancefloor and the wood dancefloor
47:00 The Street in front of Garage
55:00 Home is where your heart is

01:30 Michael Brody is like a father for Larry Levan
04:17 Second Anniversary Live Recording WBLS Memories BBC Radio 6 Listen: click here
05:00 The Magic of the Music
06:00 Description of walking into the club
08:57 Weekend is the main song of the show
09:40 HIV Hits New York Club Scene
11:25 Keith Barrow first Artist Passing
12:30 GMHC Dance Marathon
13:20 Word Breaks Garage is closing the doors
17:00 Archie performed with Breed Of Motion
19:00 Our Home is being taken away
20:10 Dealing with the police and the mafia
21:40 1979 Anniversary Party – 3000 Tickets Sold
23:45 Rules are made for the coat room
26:30 Drug Policies
27:30 The Famous Punch Bowl
28:00 Loft dance floor vs. Paradise Garage dance floor
30:38 Baptism by FIRE
34:00 Taana Gardner Heartbeat
37:00 Playing a record over and over
40:00 The art of talking through songs
42:00 Pleasure “Take A Chance On Me”
46:00 Joey Llanos & David Depino
46:20 Red Bull Music Block Party
52:20 Mikey Receives A Collect Call From The Club
54:00 Grace Jones
54:30 The Soundsystem
56:00 Ministry of Sound
57:00 Frankie Knuckles Sound Factory Bar
57:48 Best Performances
01:00:01 Loleatta Holloway The Greatest Diva Of All Time
01:04:46 Garage Closes and dancers are trying to find their new home