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03.10.2023 After former Defected boss Simon Dunmore repeatedly points out his “values” on Lenny Fontana’s True House Stories

03.10.2023 ETTH ears to the house
by MusicWeek Staff October 6th 2021 at 7:00AM

Just a few short days ago, the now deposed owner and founder of Defected gave a nearly two hour long interview. Speaking to Lenny Fontana’s intriguing True House Stories series, Simon Dunmore spoke about his whole career – from beginning at Cooltempo in the late 1980s, all the way to why he chose to sell the business that he founded to Wez Saunders last year.

It was a revealing interview – and it’s available to watch in its entirety on YouTube right now. Whilst much in there wasn’t exactly new information, we took particular notice of what Dunmore had to say in regards to his “values”, and also his comments on why he decided to leave Defected in the hands of a new generation.

For instance, he spoke more than once about how he didn’t want to be “the old guy sitting in the corner f***ing moaning about everything” – although this didn’t stop him from playing the part a few times – even going to the extent of repeatedly describing a lot of new music as “s***”.

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06.10.2021 Bucks Music Group signs Lenny Fontana to worldwide deal (press article)

Bucks Music Group signs Lenny Fontana to worldwide deal
by MusicWeek Staff October 6th 2021 at 7:00AM

Bucks Music Group has signed house DJ Lenny Fontana to a worldwide exclusive songwriting deal.

Fontana began DJing professionally in the mid-1980s and became the first US DJ to play at Pacha Ibiza and in Dubai in 1991. In 1999, he had his first crossover hit with What You Need, under the name Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden, which was a UK Top 10 hit.

Lenny Fontana founded Karmic Power Records in 2013, enjoying success alongside D-Train with Raise Your Hands in 2015, as well as with follow-up single When You Feel What Love Has in 2016 and 2017.

Bucks Music Group MD Simon Platz said: “Lenny is a legend in his genre with a long, hit-laden history in the business. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring someone of his calibre to Bucks.”

It feels so good to be loved for the music that I have been involved in over the years, and Bucks is the right home for me

Lenny Fontana

Fontana has a weekly syndicated radio show called The Karmic Power Records Radio Show, which is broadcast around the world including Kiss FM in Australia, Radio Italia Network, Ibiza Live Radio and more.

Last year, Fontana also created True House Stories® – a weekly podcast in which he delves into the musical careers of his guests, who have included Carl Cox, DJ Sneak, Little Louie Vega, David Morales and Norman Jay.

Fontana said: “It feels so good to be loved for the music that I have been involved in over the years, and Bucks is the right home for me. Special thanks to my partner Manuel Genz, Karen Ridley and the team for helping make this all possible. Here is to next part of my musical career, True House Stories and Bucks Music.”

13.09.2021 Amateur At Play

13.09.2021 Amateur At Play True House Stories w/ Jazzy M
by amateur´s house

So how DID house music come to the UK? Jazzy M – who was there when it happened – is due to give his valuable insight into the subject later this month for Lenny Fontana’s True House Stories…

There are few things more likely to provoke disagreements, heated debates and fall-outs than dance music history. When you have a bunch of mostly men who have widely differing views over the past and very little written down from the time in question, this is hardly surprising.

This blog has previously spoken a little about how the Belleville Three story is a myth. In a nutshell, the claim was made by journalist Neil Rushton to sell this new music from Detroit to the British. Saunderson, Atkins and May were portrayed as three poor black men who’d made this revolutionary new music. They weren’t quite as poor as the story made out…

I’ve also tried to dig into the story given by Danny Rampling over the holiday to Ibiza he went on with some friends in 1987 – but so far, this one checks out. However, there are a few other people who also had a role in house music coming to the UK, who are hardly ever mentioned.

One of those is Michael Schiniou, better known as Jazzy M. And he’s decided he wants his say. He’s going to be interviewed by Lenny Fontana’s True House Stories® – a brilliant series once you cast aside the series’ name’s similarly to a programme hosted by Piers Morgan.

I know that he started playing house music in 1985 in a segment for his show on LWR Radio. I also know he did the first ever radio show in the whole of Europe with just house music on it from 1986 – and it’s highly possible he was one of the first in the whole world too. And finally, I know he dabbled in some productions and remixes over the years.

But that’s about the extent of my knowledge. So on the evening of September 29th, I’m going to try and make space in the busy schedule to listen to this. It could be very interesting indeed to hear what he has to say…

04.09.2021 iHouseU

04.09.2021 iHouseU True House Stories w/ Mousse T.
by ihouseu

True House Stories® w/ Mousse T. # 058 – PART 1

Mousse T, the super German Dance Music producer, talks about his beginnings in music from learning to play the organ as well to being inspired by Donna Summer and Giorgio Morder’s “I Feel Love” which was a totally new electronic sound in the late 1970’s

Mousse T shares what family life was like growing up and his father dreams that he had planned for him. Mousse T makes a huge decision to proceed forward with the music career and because of his choice he is rewarded with huge success.

19.02.2021 Groove Magazine Germany (von Jan Goldmann)

Groove 19/02/2021 Magazin Germany (YouTube/Podcast)
by Groove Magazine (Germany)

True House Stories®: Neues Video-Format von Lenny Fontana

Der New Yorker House-DJ und -Produzent Lenny Fontana verfügt über ein stolzes Portfolio. Seit den 80er Jahren legt er auf. Zuerst in New Yorker Clubs wie dem legendären Studio 54, später auch auf der ganzen Welt. Als Produzent umfasst seine Diskografie über 140 Releases.

In seiner über 25 Jahre andauernden Karriere hat Fontana viele Freundschaften mit Akteur*innen aus der Szene geschlossen. Seit einiger Zeit pflegt er diese Freundschaften auf eine ganz besondere Art und Weise, die vor allem House-Fans gefallen dürfte:

Er lädt alle paar Tage Kolleg*innen aus den alten Zeiten zu einem virtuellen Gespräch ein. In den bisher ungefähr 30 Episoden, die auf Fontanas Facebook-Seite per Live-Stream ausgestrahlt werden, schwelgen er und seine Gäste in Erinnerungen.

Sie erzählen von den ersten Partys, auf denen sie gespielt haben. Von verrückten Zufällen und streuen lustige Anekdoten rund um ihre Vergangenheit als DJs mit ein.

Die Gespräche wirken dabei weder gezwungen noch versteift und finden in freundschaftlicher Atmosphäre statt. Mit dabei waren schon große Namen wie Louie Vega oder DJ Sneak. Wer noch folgt, bleibt abzuwarten.

29.02.2021 ihouseu

True House Stories with DJ David Morales
by ihouseu

With a real passion for music in his veins from a very young age,  from very humble beginnings, David Morales was destined to follow his dream and took the opportunity to play music at any given chance.

True House Stories® with DJ David Morales on YouTube

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