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Norris Da Boss Windross

Biography Norris Da Boss Windross

Norris Da Boss Windross, has been actively part of the UK Dance scene for 30 years, commended for his creative mixing skills as a DJ Producer and the creator of the brand UKG for the Awards ceremonies at Hammersmith Apollo ( Late 2000) and the Brixton Academy (2001) celebrating UK House & Garage which were both followed with 30 date national club tours stamping the name into the minds of all UK Garage lovers.

Norris’ passion for music began from an early age, raised in club culture with his family (mum) running a nightclub from the age of 9 sculpted his love of nightlife and dance music.

In the rave scene 1998 labelled the Summer of love and the event of house music having a huge impact, Norris was listening to tunes, mentally mixing in his head which progressed to the art form he began practicing.  It wasn’t long before he was performing at small parties and community festivals leading to hosting his own events.

His first weekly promotion event began in February 1991. ‘Yum Yum’ with resident DJs’ Including himself Smokin Jo MC GQ (pre-GQ) Frankie shag Bones & Tony Trax had a House Garage and Dance music policy. Norris used to create a unique mix & blend pitching up US House and Garage records up for more energy playing B sides and throwing in any tune that would mix well for the club vibe.

This led to Norris becoming an extremely busy DJ sought after and residing in the infancy and growth of the UK Garage scene, Norris brought this sound to clubs and audiences worldwide. Music productions include ‘Funky Groove’ ‘Pseudo’s’ Heartbeat’ N n G’s Right Before My Eyes & Liferide Norris launched his own label ‘W Records, featuring acts such as Rose Windross, MC Creed, Angel 21 and MC Kie turning out the massive 2 step anthem Flow.

His tracks to date have had a great impact on the UK Garage Scene with ‘Right Before My Eyes’ featuring Kallaghan and MC Neat charting in the nationals with a performance on Top of The Pops’. Now also performing regularly with his cohort MC Creed as the Godfathers of Garage you can catch Norris playing at selected events all over the world.

In 2019 Norris was the architect involved in the re-launch of the Spreadlove project launching ‘The Spreadlove Festival 2019’ and on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of The UKG Awards, 2020 promises to be another pivotal year for the UK garage Don.


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