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Vocal Booth Weekender interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 092

In October 2022 DJ Andy Ward organized a gathering called Vocal Booth Weekender. Andy had asked if I would come and have a discussion panel at his event. We lined up some of house music’s top talent. Each one of these guys on the panel are giants in their own right.

We all spoke in front in of a live audience. Dj / Photographer Colin Williams recorded the discussion and now we are blessed to present it to you on True House Stories. The panel of luminaries are as follows Victor Simonelli, Maurice Joshua, Eric Kupper and Sunlight Square.

After a long weekend of Dj Gigs at Vocal Booth Weekender in Villajoysa Spain, the artists that were invited all sat together to partake in live discussion for True House Stories brought to you by DJ Andy Ward. Listen to Victor Simonelli, Maurice Joshua, Eric Kupper and Sunlight Square share part of their life story coming up in the music industry. Each one of them are a huge part to the dance music business as we know it today.

It is never that often thatyou get all of these titans together in one room to have a full and deep discussion like this. Due listen carefully as there are golden nugget tidbits that may help you personally in your business and life.

Vocal Booth Weekender YouTube Video Part 1

Vocal Booth Weekender YouTube Video Part 2

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Biography Victor Simonelli

Victor Simonelli’s name is synonymous with the cutting edge of the Dance Music scene. Simonelli is one of the New York’s finest and most prolific DJ’s. He was also one of the early pioneers of the unique NYC underground dance music movement that has no..

Biography Eric Kupper

A keyboard player for several post-punk bands before hitting the house remix-session circuit in the 1980s, Eric “K-Scope” Kupper made his dance debut providing keys for top remixers like David…

Biography Maurice Joshua

Grammy-nominated remixer/producer/songwriter/DJ Maurice Joshua has worked with Destiny’s Child (“Independent Woman,” “Say My Name”), N’Sync, Michael Jackson, and the Backstreet Boys and others. He began honing his skills in the ’80s during the early days of house music. Born in Chicago, Joshua started playing the tuba in his preteens. Joining Steve “Silk” Hurley‘s ID Productions, he worked with Ce Ce PenistonBrownstone, and other acts. In 2000, Maurice Joshua was creating remixes for Chicago FM radio station B96 and was working with Houston, TX-based act Signature and Miss Universe 1995/singer Chelsea Smith among his many projects.

Biography Sunlightsquare

Claudio Passavanti a.k.a. Sunlightsquare is a critically acclaimed Jazz pianist, multi-instrumentalist & bandleader and has been associated with Latin & Cuban music.

Biography Vocal Booth Weekender

The Vocal Booth Weekender has grown organically from a core group of people, lovingly referred to as THE FAMILYDifferent groups of people, united by the same love for all things soulful met for the first time back in 2009, face to face, after months of online fun during Andy Ward’s Vocal Booth Radio Show.

Their lives have never been the same again.

We are Soul people, funk people, disco people, acid house people. We are Soul All-Dayer veterans, Southport Weekender veterans, Deep House Soldiers. Our ages range from 21 – 60+ (and the 60 yr olds are as at home as the 21 yr olds).

Slowly but surely, each year friends invite new friends along to Spain and Reunions back in the UK and The Family grows. It all sounds very cliché but you really have to witness the friendliness at a VB gathering.