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A native of Brooklyn and current resident of Queens (New York), Jovonn has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. Supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. Jovonn began his career as a Hip-Hop DJ at the age of 14 and started spinning records at those infamous New York block parties of the 80s where he was introduced to the growing New York House music scene, hanging out in seminal Brooklyn clubs such as Sapphires, Club Saturn and Club Serene.

Years later clubs such as The Loft, The Choice, Snobbusters and Zanzibar, solidified his full commitment to House music. Exploding onto the house scene in 1991 with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros. Records, (which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart and catapulted Jovonn on to the global scene) He then went on to set up his first record label, Goldtone Records, in the early 1990’s via Emotive Records (label compilation dropped on clone last year) and since then has produced more than 500 records in the House, R&B, Hip-Hop and Neo Soul genres, not to mention film scores and soundtracks although his true love has always been House music.

A pioneer of the NYC, New Jersey, 90’s house sound, he’s produced many classics with releases such as as “Back In the Dark”, “Garage Shelter”, “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”, “I Wanna Go To A Club” that all contain Jovonn’s distinctive vocal delivery and trade mark production, as the man says himself ‘gritty sounds, hard kicks, jazzy chords and a phat bassline’.
Other releases in Jovonn’s impressive discography include ‘Something About this Love’ (on WestEnd Records), “The Spirit” album (on Track Mode), and the “Blaque House” album on Code Red.

More recently he’s delivered releases on prestigious labels such as Dogmatik, Objektivity, Deeply Rooted House and Apollonia, showcasing his talents to a new audience of house music lovers.
Jovonn launched his new label venture Body N’Deep in 2017 via clone distribution, dedicated to releasing the hottest deep and raw underground house tracks from Jovonn and his crew of producers and vocalists including tracks from legendary artists such as Karizma, Delano Smith and Louie Vega.

His recent album ‘Timeless’ was released and received great reviews from DJ’s and Press, showcasing Jovonn’s trademark new jersey sound. Look out for a busy release schedule throughout 2020 on Body N’Deep and a new Jovonn album later in the year.

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Biography De Hofnar

De Hofnar, an alias of Jeroen Maas, discovered his passion for music at a tender age. Growing up in a musically inclined family, he was introduced to the enchanting world of melodies and harmonies. His early experiments with various instruments and software ignited a spark that would eventually blaze into a full-fledged music career.

The Musical Awakening
In his late teens, De Hofnar found his calling in electronic dance music. Inspired by the likes of legendary DJs and producers, he immersed himself in the art of crafting seamless mixes and experimenting with unique sounds. His style, characterized by melodic house and tropical vibes, captured the essence of sun-soaked beaches and endless summer nights.

Rise to Stardom
De Hofnar’s breakthrough came with his debut single ‘Zonnestraal’, a track that blended infectious beats with emotive melodies. The music industry took notice of this rising star, and soon, he found himself travelling the world and performing at the largest festivals and exclusive club venues. His energetic sets and magnetic stage presence endeared him to fans across the globe.

Musical Legacy
Over the years, De Hofnar released a string of hit singles that dominated the electronic music charts. Legends like Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Pete Tong and Armin van Buuren asked De Hofnar to make official remixes for them. He became one of the founders of tropical house.  His releases garner millions of listeners a month and in his career he has amassed more than 600 million streams. With hit singles as Back In The Day, Blindly and If You Had My Love his old and new tracks are in every listeners playlist and known throughout the whole world.

Personal Life
Away from the spotlight, De Hofnar remained a down-to-earth individual, finding solace in nature and artistic pursuits. He valued his privacy, allowing his music to speak volumes about his emotions and experiences. His introspective nature and deep connection with his craft continued to inspire both aspiring musicians and established artists alike.

The Eternal Melody
As the years passed, De Hofnar’s music evolved, embracing new sounds and influences while staying true to his signature style. His performances became immersive journeys, where listeners were transported to distant realms through the power of music. 
Through his artistry, he created a timeless legacy, reminding the world of the profound beauty that could be found within the harmonies of life.


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