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Jens Lissat interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 068

Part 1
Jens Lissat explains his young life as a child in Hamburg Germany. His mom was a DJ who played at a afternoon tea dance with one Gramophone. His older sister has a huge influence on him and since she was seven years older she was already up on the new sounds of disco.

She was bringing home new music that he was listening to and Jens personally was more into Glam Rock. His sister takes him to a new club and he sees an American DJ for the first time from New York at the Trinity Club. He has to find out what exactly the DJ was doing with the slip cueing and all. This sets him on his journey to learn how to beat match and make his way into becoming a resident DJ. Listen to him explain it all in detail.

Part 2
Jens Lissat in this part talks about his life in the music business. He picks it up from Disco and how he works his way into getting different residencies in other cities in Germany. He also self learns editing with the cassette pause button.

The next phase of his life will be “The Megamix” His first professional job comes from WEA and they ask him to work on Phil Collins with three of his songs to make a Jens Lissat Megamix. This is when he meets his first studio partner and learns the principals of the music business. Here he now begins to work on productions of which a few go to the main charts.

He decides to take another turn in the early 1990s and start producing techno. His fame grows and grows. Jens eventually meets his last production partner Voltax and until 2006 they work together on joint projects. There is so much inside this legendary DJ watch his whole story it is interesting and captivating.

Jens Lissat YouTube Video Part 1

Jens Lissat YouTube Video Part 2

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Biography Jens Lissat

Lissat is the owner of Tactical Music Group, with 8 Funky House & Nudisco Labels. His career started  being one of the first Mixing DJ’s in Germany 1979. He played the best Club in Hamburg/Germany called “TRINITY” which opened 1978 with a Richard Long System and won the Billboard award in 1979 for the best Lightshow in the world. In the early 80’s he recorded several Mixes (Mashups/Bootlegs with Tape & Reel to Reel).

In 1987  he produced the first german HOUSE Production “Work the House Sound”. His skills are impressive. He is playing as Lissat, the funky & jackin’ sound from his labels. Formerly know as Lissat & Voltaxx, he is now on tour solo. The success of Tactical Records in 2019 & 2020 included numerous high charted tunes. Five of his own releases have reached the #1 in the Top100 Beatport  and Itunes plus a bunch of Top10 singles.

He reached the #1 position as the best selling artist in FUNKY/GROOVE/JACKIN House on Beatport 2019 as well as his Label Tactical Records still is the best selling brand up to date!

After all he released more than 250 productions so far. His current sound is a kind of electro&tech-styled Housemusic. He is still a workaholic with his studio-partner Voltaxx. You can see him regularly at the ” THE FUNKY CHICKEN CLUB/COLOGNE!

Watch out for new releases coming out soon on : Ministry of sound , Toolroom Records UK, Funky Chicken Records , Scream & Shout Recordings , Sureplayer F, Perctrax UK, Kickin Records UK , Groove Fanatics Records NL , Opaque Music ,Kingdom Kome Cuts, Kisu Music . Dynamik Music USA , Bitrate Rec. France , Stereo Poems , Greenmill Reords ,Interlabel!<