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DJ Meme interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 084

Part 1
Dj Meme who real name is Marcello Mansur born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil began to DJ at age 11 and started remixing in 1986. He began his journey working at a Radio Station editing commercials and adding the music to the station.

He somehow was able to persuade the Brazilian Record labels to try him out for a remix. Well, the rest was history his remix was added on every station in Brazil and from there overnight DJ Meme was household name in the Brazilian Dance Pop Market.  He speaks about his production style and how he began from Disco to beyond.

Part 2
Dj Meme talks about his global international appeal in the house world. How he was able to persuade Defected Records to let him remix the single Fish Go Deep feat Tracy K. This is now how he creates the DJ Meme Orchestra Sound. The Remix for Defected does the business with the Dj’s around the globe and his name is heard and spoken everywhere.

His first international DJ gig was in Hamburg at the Famous Betty Ford Clinic. Once he gets a taste of traveling it does not stop, he pushes and creates new relationships with all the names in house music. He recollects his time with Manager Judy Weinstein of Def Mix Productions and his close friendship with Frankie Knuckles.

Dj Meme is a true icon and has produced huge hits and helped create a lot of stars with his music. He is known as “Mr. Midas Touch” Everything he touches turns to Gold…

DJ Meme YouTube Video Part 1

DJ Meme YouTube Video Part 2

Man Parrish

Biography DJ Meme

Hailed by Rio de Janeiro’s dance community as the ‘Godfather of Dance Music’, DJ Meme has been a longstanding figurehead of Brazil’s cultural landscape. From remixing household superstars, to his highly lauded radio shows and infamous extended DJ sets, Meme has been putting in the work since 1986 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

Working as a producer and remixer, Meme gave his touch to a wide diversity of artists with the likes of Mariah Carey and Shakira, and even the godfather of House Frankie Knuckles along the way. Not by coincidence, Meme also was a member at Def Mix productions in NY, invited by Knuckles himself.

From  from Z records, Nervous , Soulfuric, MN2S and Defected records – Meme’s productions have appeared on many leading House Music imprints alongside his own label, Memix Recordings. .

“A million thanks to DJ Meme for being the best possible host in Brazil’s musical world. We don’t make the same music but we speak the same language because we come from the same original house music school. Much respect to such a passionate man” (DAVID GUETTA)

“DJ Meme is one of the very few producers that manage to make a song universally efficient and accessible while infusing it with very high standard of musicality” (DIMITRI FROM PARIS)

“Meme is a secret weapon. Think Summertime partying and house Music, think DJ Meme.” (KEVIN MACFARLANE – TILLLATE MAGAZINE)

“DJ Meme’s work was first recommended to me by none other than Dimitri From Paris. I was super impressed by his production values which blend the best disco vibes with the Latin rhythms of his native Brasil. “ (SIMON DUNMORE – DEFECTED UK)

“DJ Meme…what can I say ? He is one of the quality ones. His experience beings his work to a place of excellence. Wheather remixing or producing, he’s top !!! Eheather you dance to it, sing to it, vibe to it…there’s always love for it” (BARBARA TUCKER – QUEEN OF HOUSE MUSIC)

“Memê shows a deep understanding of musicality missing in many of todays productions…and is destined to be a major player for a long time to come.” (BRIAN TAPPERT– TRAXSOURCE / SOULFURIC – USA)

“This man has got to be one of the hottest talents on the dance music scene. His remixes are of the highest calibre, providing that punch for the dancefloor but keeping the quality to the max” (GRAHAM LORD – AUDIOWHORES / MALACHI)

“DJ Meme’s skills, in the studio, or behind the decks, are truly world class. A great talent.” (ERIC KUPPER – USA)

“DJ Meme is a producer DJ that’s dedicated to his craft & has an undeniable passion for music.  He continues to evolve musically and will never let anyone or anything hold him back from growing as an artist. I’m a fan for life “ (Hector Romero, Def Mix NYC)

“We’ve been rockin’ Meme’s productions from the ground floor. We are extremely honoured to say Meme is truly our brother. Simply put, he IS one of THE baddest cats in dance music – PERIOD! ” ( THE GROOVE JUNKIES )

“We’ve been rockin’ Meme’s productions from the ground floor. We are extremely honoured to say Meme is truly our brother. Simply put, he IS one of THE baddest cats in dance music – PERIOD! ” ( THE GROOVE JUNKIES )