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Colin Hudd interviewed by Lenny Fontana for True House Stories # 089

He began his DJ career in the early 1970s, playing soul music, with residencies at the likes of The Monica, Wings, Goldmine & Flicks. It was at Flicks where he started playing house music. He then became resident DJ at Spectrum, and it was his success there alongside Paul Oakenfold that led to him becoming one of the tour DJs for U2. Listen to him share his humble beginnings.

Ever since dance music first swelled up in the UK, Colin Hudd has been riding the crest of the waves. Beginning his monumental journey, with humble beginnings working as a mobile DJ from 1971 to 1976, This laid the foundations of his DJ career today.

Colin Hudd began a residency in 1976 at ‘The Monica’ on Canvey Island, a year later gaining another residency at ‘Wings’, Gravesend End. After passing an audition, Colin moved from ‘Monica’ to ‘Goldmine’, a residency he kept until 1981. In those days Colin had already established a respected reputation among the soul and funk clubs of the time. He had been a regular at Canvey’s legendary ‘Goldmine’ and was still on a high from winning the ‘Blues & Soul Club’ DJ award.

His profile gained momentum enough for him to be noticed and given his now legendary run at ‘Flicks’ which ran from 1978 through to 1987.  But, from as early as 1986, when the rest of the world was still listening to soul and the new romantics, Colin had already started leaning towards an entirely new genre of dance music. Little did he know that the music he had recognised as something more than a ‘fad’ would become the global phenomenon it is still today; House Music.

Colin has always been ahead of his time. From when he discovered house music in 1986 when he was advised to leave this new ‘noise’ alone and stick to the soul that had worked so well for him, but, going with his instincts; he found himself pioneering a dance revolution. His technical ability and creative foresight enabled him to go on to headline landmark clubs such as Heaven, Legends, Ministry of Sound, World Dance, Pure Sex, and Spectrum/Land of Oz.

Even bigger events were round the corner. His residency at Spectrum found him working alongside Paul Oakenfold a man he remains good friends with today. By that time house music had begun to take hold and Colin and Paul found themselves playing to packed dance floors night after night, Leading to Colin and Paul supporting U2 on their Zooropa tour.

It was inevitable that Colin would turn to producing his own music. He worked as the Manic MCs and Audio Deluxe, whilst remixing PP Arnold, Billy Idol and a host of other well-respected artists.

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Biography Colin Hudd

Colin Hudd begins as a DJ back in the early 70’s from my love affair for Black American Funk and Soul, this combining genre of music was at that time still findings its acceptance and gradual momentum, but for me It hit hard making such an impact that he decided to become a hand for hire mobile DJ, I worked solidly from 1971 to 1976 playing what he loved.

Over this period Colin Hudd continued to improve on my taste purchasing all the very best US imports from the early albums to the 12” nothing but the best in the sounds and played with such enthusiasm that he got recognised and offered my first residency at The Monico on Canvey Island, it was here he built the foundations through hard work adding to my career with another residency at Wings, Gravesend. Colin was making a name for himself because of what he was playing and how he put it together.

He was asked to audition at the then very prestigious Goldmine Canvey Island a successful residency I happily kept until 1981. The Goldmine was recognised as one of the most prominent clubs for our music. For my taste and delivery on the floor I earned a reputation popular DJ from this he was offered the residency at legendary ‘Flicks’ in Dartford another prestigious club of its day where Colin also proudly won ‘The Blues & Soul’ club DJ award,

he remember thinking he had ‘arrived’ though for me it was purely about the love of the music and the , one of the bastion clubs at the height of Funk, Soul and Disco he was DJing my socks off from 1978 through to 1987 this was a glorious era of ‘Dance’ Music not just for playing Funk Soul and Disco but also being allowed by a very accepting crowd to play other individual styles that turned me on, such as the early Electro onto Washington Go-Go all totally different but so very Funky!

It was the later part of the 80’s that I was turned on by a new genre of ‘Dance’ music, it could combine the vocal elements of soul but also added new ones of drum machines and piano breaks it was Dance music but on such BPM which for me was unstoppable, a decade later this music genre would become a global phenomenon known as ‘House’ music This music totally engrossing and brought me to a totally new scene, a new start.

From establishing and gaining the respect and taste in music among the Soul and Funk clubs of the time, Colin now focused on my new love of music, homing in on what it demanded to deliver a ‘good’ set, he worked solidly on my technical ability ‘spinning and ‘mixing’ my constant creative refining enabled me to again be recognised and accepted to headline at a host of landmark clubs of this genre such as Heaven, Legends, Ministry of Sound, World Dance, Pure Sex, and Spectrum/Land of Oz.

He was given one of the finest compliments from Derrick May one of the iconic Detroit Techno DJ’s saying ‘ Man, I had never seen a white man with such energy… No Lie!” His music instincts in taste have always been to play what he like, what works, this approach and creative attitude made me one of the pioneers of this new dance revolution.

During this time he was again elevated even higher being offered the residency at ‘Spectrum’ the most influential club of the time working alongside Paul Oakenfold ­playing to a floor of 2,000 every Monday night this was hedonism on the dance floor Paul Oakenfold invited Colin to work with him again in 1993 supporting U2 on their massively successful Zooropa/ ZOOTV tour playing to 50,000 plus at every gig worldwide.

From my experience Djing on such a level i found a new confidence in successfully producing my own music which felt a natural progression he worked under various titles as the Manic MCs and Audio Deluxe, whilst remixing PP ArnoldBilly Idol and a host of other well-respected artists.

He wanted more challenges and a need to move forward I was asked to go to Singapore in 1994 to open the Velvet Underground at SE Asia’s most iconic dance club Zouk. Having played a number of gigs I decided on another change and headed for New York where I played the legendary The Palladium, twice.

After playing play Pacha, Ibiza, then onto a packed Olympic stadium, in Berlin and to Dublin’s amazing ‘Pod’. Colin Hudd Djing with the same passion however on selective gigs and when it suits me and am happily currently remixing and producing on my own projects with blend of dance from all his various influences… His love affair goes on.